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If you haven’t seen Squid Game yet, you’ve probably at least heard the title. …

Finding your way out of conversation difficulty in a second language

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“Yes, you have…, ahhh, yes, you can, ahhh” and Roberto was done. He had run out of English.

At this point, Roberto had been studying English with me for just over 6 months.

In today’s class, we were simulating…

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“Coach, I don’t think I can run today.”

“What’s wrong?”

I took a deep breath, and mustered up all the courage a 19 year old female athlete can, “I don’t feel good, I’m really tired. I can’t run today.”

“Are you injured?”

“Well, no…”

Coach looked me in the eyes…

Finding Solutions in Second-Language Communication

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“Alicia, I stood there and asked for the medication. In clear English. But she still looked at me as if I was speaking an alien language.”

“What exactly did you ask for, Alyona?”

“I said ‘Hello, I need loratadine.’ And I know it’s the right…

Learning from Failures

Pico de Orizaba, México by Adrián Moreno

300 meters had never felt so far away.

Looking up, I could see the triangular peak that announced how close we were to the top. The blue sky around the summit seemed to whisper “just a little bit further” but it was already 1:30pm. …

For Language Students and Teachers

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“Do Spanish speakers ever use indirect objects when speaking naturally?” an English teacher posted in a public forum for English teachers in Mexico. …

How adults can increase working knowledge in any language

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“So I’ve been making flashcards to study new vocabulary words,” Victoria begins, “but I don’t know how to really learn them. Do you have any tips? How do I learn more words in English?”

Her question is common, and one every…

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“Love is action not just words,” is a common phrase I remember hearing growing up. And while there’s truth in that statement, just being nice to others is not all love can fully be.

Just take the Hallmark industry, for example. During the “love holiday” of Valentine’s, they sell over…

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I recently read an article in the BBC that during 2020, the number of native English speakers learning a foreign language for the first time had more than doubled.

Surprised? So was I.

Because, typically, English speakers are known for being monolingual and proud of it. …

Sunrise from Iztaccíhuatl climb (photo by Adrián Moreno)

“I can’t keep going. I need to head back,” I told Adrián. I knew those weren’t the words he wanted to hear. “But you can keep going, and we can meet back at the car,” I tried to reassure him as I avoided making eye contact. …

Alicia Ruth Mendez

Born a Midwestern American, now a permanent Mexican resident. Outdoor adventurer, language enthusiast, and lover of classical music.

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