For Language Students and Teachers

Photo by Hannah Wright on Unsplash

While it may sound counterintuitive, grammar only helps in language learning AFTER you are already speaking your target language.

A whole language approach requires using the language in meaningful communication.

Labeling language helps in analyzing what and why something is happening in speech patterns. But it does NOT help in learning how to communicate.

Now, finally, that I am speaking, I can analyze what I am doing correctly and incorrectly and label it into what I can fine tune in my speaking.

If I see grammar terms confuse more than aid my students, we don’t focus on the labels, but we DO focus on the structures and patterns those grammar labels define.

Put the grammar labeling on the back burner.

So be a language modeler not a grammar stickler — it will take you much farther in your communication goals.

Born a Midwestern American, now a permanent Mexican resident. Outdoor adventurer, language enthusiast, and lover of classical music.